Curriculum Vitae

Pham Hoai Thuong 

Date of birth : 17-08-1996
Gender: Male
Phone: 0929059022
Address : Moc Hoa, Long An


I’m a backend developer with specializing in C# and ASP.NET Core. I also have some experience with Angular front-end programming. I have experience with both SQL Server and MongoDB databases. I am a skilled in infrastructure technologies like Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes. Furthermore, I have worked on projects that made use of microservice architecture, which made it possible to provide software solutions that were effective and scalable.


03/2021 – 07/2022 NashTech
Software Engineer
• Make detailed designs for assigned tasks.
• Write code based on detailed designs and Functional/Requirement Specifications
• Perform a full unit test on the assigned tasks
• Implement unit test
• Incident and bug fixing
10/2018 – 03/2021 FPT Information System
Smart City is a big project, with the inside being the combined components. For example, traffic violations, bus systems.
Provide solutions and applications to the government.
My responsibility: Develop backend and front end.
Analyze, design documents for the project.
Write code based on detailed designs and Functional/Requirement Specifications.
Incident and bug fixing.
operation some modules on production.
09/2017 – 10/2018 FPT Software Ho Chi Minh
A distribution management system is software as a service, providing distributed management system for retail businesses. Features revolve around product management, warehousing, inventory, promotions, branches …
My responsibility: Develop backend and front end.
Write code based on detailed designs and Functional/Requirement Specifications.
Incident and bug fixing.
06/2017 – 08/2017 FPT Software Ho Chi Minh
Internship (Full time)
Being trained and working with SAP system, programming ABAP language.
10/2016 – 04/2017 Penguin Sofware
Back-end developer
Penguin Software is a startup project working on the point-of-sale.
In my team, I participated in the development of the .net API for POS systems.


HTML/Css/JS/Jquery In javascript, I can work with DOM, BOM, WebSQL, and some library javascript: jquery, JqueryUI
In html/css, i can use frameworks css: bootstrap,UIkit,
Angular/AngularJS Experience in working with Angular modules, services, templates, directives, services, and dependency injection to create a SPA. / core Versatile ASP.NET Core developer with expertise in building, testing, and deploying enterprise-grade web applications. Proficient in ASP.NET Core MVC, Web API, Razor Pages, Entity Framework Core, cloud deployment, unit testing, and integration testing.
Nodejs I have the knowledge and work with nodejs and some framework: NestJS, Fastify
Sql server Performed analysis and presented results using SQL,
Mongodb Have knowledge of using mongodb for the application layer, deployment, and operation.
Docker Proficient Docker developer with expertise in containerizing and deploying applications.
Other Kong, Rabbitmq, Nats, Nginx, Gitlab CICD

Honor & Award

15-01-2021 Is The best Software engineer of the 2020 (SSC)


05-2015 – 08-2017 FPT Polytechnic
Computer programming
03-2015 Microsoft certificate of achievement: Web developer
Has successfully completed web developer: C#, , SQL server

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